Peter Field lecture: Brands - falling in love again

New thinking and metrics that have undermined long-term effectiveness

Join Peter Field at The Brands Lecture on Tuesday 28 June from 6pm.

Average campaign effectiveness levels have declined seriously since around 2008. Using UK IPA effectiveness data submitted by 600 digital era effectiveness case studies, as well as other highly respected sources, Peter will offer the fullest explanation yet for this decline by observing how marketing behaviour and metrics have been changing in the context of seven important rules of success.

He will detail the dangerously seductive new thinking and metrics that have undermined long-term effectiveness and led to the neglect of brands and poor outcomes. He will argue that the support of brands is more important than ever and remains paramount in more straightened circumstances. But he will argue that the characteristics of strong brands have been evolving and he will discuss the implications of this.

Peter will end by suggesting how marketing should move forward, showing that, in some ways at least, the latest data shows that marketing leaders have begun to do so.

This event takes place in person (at Cavendish Conference Centre) and online - tickets are £50+VAT.

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Last updated 31 May 2022