Why the Future of Work is #FlexibleFirst

Join this fantastic line-up of leaders ready to share their thoughts on how to reinvent the workplace for a new era.

It is fair to say that anyone leading an organisation over the past year has experienced a once in a career challenge. In February 2020, no-one had a pandemic response policy to pull out of the drawer, it was an unprecedented event and needed quick thinkers.

Monday 7 June, 2021 | 12.15-1.30pm

As we all look to the post covid era, the change demanded of businesses feels seismic. Many of the old myths about how best to manage workforces for optimal performance have been dismissed; new questions are being asked at board level about the war for talent and how best to achieve crucial diversity and inclusion goals in more remote settings.

Join to hear how 3 business leaders are looking at the new workplace:

Sinéad Rocks, Managing Director for Nations & Regions, Channel 4
Rania Robinson, CEO & Partner, Quiet Storm
Annie Auerbach, Author of “Flex” and Co-founder, Starling

As we explore a return to the office, what will the smartest organisations offer their employees? What benefits will they put in place to ensure they attract the best talent? How will they support all of their workforce to ensure that collaboration, creativity and innovation are maximised?

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This event is free and open to all - simply sign up via this link.


Last updated 27 May 2021