Advanced Application of AI in Advertising Course (in-person)

Understanding the fundamentals of AI, and its role in advertising and marketing

This in-person course is for anyone who may have explored AI tools but desires a more strategic view on how they can understand the value that AI can bring to their roles and their clients.

This course is also available virtually in December

Key learner outcomes

  • Understanding the fundamentals of AI, and its role in advertising and marketing.
  • Appreciating the full range of potential applications and how to optimise for improved results and outcomes.
  • A strategic view of AI, how it can benefit strategy formulation, planning and execution and what’s required for success.
  • Techniques for applying AI to optimise specific objectives, and understanding the role that AI/ML can play through the customer journey to improve customer engagement.
  • Bringing human and AI capabilities together to optimise results, the culture and behaviours needed to maximise the benefits.


Part One: Fundamentals of AI

  • Reflection: What do we mean by AI?
  • Creating a common understanding around defining AI and Machine Learning, understanding the fundamentals of how AI works and classifying different types of AI and ML.
  • Developing a strategy for applying AI in advertising and marketing – considering AI application in terms of objectives and outcomes, and a framework for classifying application and benefits.
  • Setting up for success, the importance of quality data inputs, and how AI/ML can be used to organize and structure data to generate information.

Part Two: Applying AI in advertising and marketing

  • Understanding the role of AI through the advertising process, and customer journey
  • Effective prompting, and using AI to augment audience understanding and segmentation, to conduct research, and in the development of strategy.
  • Exercise: Delegates use generative AI resources to research a given context and develop a simple, high-level approach to fulfilling an objective. Delegates then reflect on how human inputs might augment this approach.
  • The role of AI/Ml in content generation and production, using AI in the creative process, dynamic targeting.
  • The role of AI/ML in content and conversion optimisation, the opportunity for AI-driven personalization, using predictive analytics and propensity modelling.
  • Exercise: Delegates are given a scenario and tasked with mapping a ‘customer-back’ approach for applying AI to create a compelling brand proposition.
  • Applying AI/ML for loyalty or post-purchase related objectives including cross-sell and up-sell, customer service and chatbots, marketing automation, dynamic email generation.
  • Using AI in measurement and optimization, techniques for evaluating and improving outcomes.
  • Reflection: What are the opportunities to use AI more effectively in achieving your objectives?

Part Three: Culture and ways of working to optimize AI application

  • The role of data-driven culture and behaviours in enabling teams to capitalize on the real benefits of AI application.
  • Creating the right environment in the team to support good data-driven decision-making.
  • Exercise: Delegates undertake a highly interactive exercise which vividly brings to life the importance of agility in AI application.
  • Reflection: Delegates reflect on key take-outs from the workshop and what they want to do differently.

Timings and location

This course will run in person at the IPA, 44 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8QS, on Wednesday, 18 September, 9.30pm - 5pm.

Your trainer - Neil Perkin

Neil is a renowned writer, keynote speaker and the founder of Only Dead Fish, a consultancy that specialises in applying strategic understanding of digital and emerging technologies to help businesses and leaders optimise their effectiveness within the new, digital-empowered business environment.

He has run global leadership programmes and consulted on transformation and marketing with a broad range of large, multi-national businesses and is a regular keynote speaker across the globe on business and marketing transformation, agile strategy and leadership. He’s been named by BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) as one of the most influential people in the UK digital industry, and by SAGE as a TOP 100 Global business influencer.

Last updated 05 July 2024