Brilliant Creative Brainstorming Newcastle

Brilliant Creative Brainstorming Newcastle

Who is this course for?

Leaders of brainstorming sessions: account handlers from senior account manager level upwards, and planners at all levels.


“Brilliant Creative Brainstorming” works on the proven premise that everyone can have ideas, either individually or in a group. This session is about leading and running the brainstorm (large or small) that will set free the creative side of supposedly non-creative people; to give them the confidence to go to the most outlandish places in their minds which great ideas often inhabit.

You’ll learn all the necessary structural practices and then be given the practical, instantly applicable tools to go and run a really successful and uplifting session that generates brilliant and sellable results.

The session works best when it demonstrates on real live business issues, so attendees are asked to bring a real client issue in need of a solution along to the session. Make up a client name if it needs to be confidential.

You’ll leave the course armed with the complete brainstorming toolkit

  • Preparation – the right group, the right invitation, the right location
  • Structure – properly thought-through, whether the group is large or small
  • Warming up - the group and level the playing field
  • Stimulation – props and tools that can be catalysts for great ideas
  • Countering negativity – in particular bringing in the ‘introverts’ (they often have the best ideas)
  • Energy – keeping the group energised
  • Polishing, and then . . .
  • Selling the gems 

Book onto the Brilliant Creative Brainstorming in London on the 5 July

Your Tutor

Tish Mousell   

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Last updated 12 March 2019