CPD Best Practice

Anyone involved in delivering Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for their agency – welcomes, appraisals, development strategy, training, submitting for CPD assessment, mandatory qualifications – will gain help, advice and practice in what this actually means and be able to decide what they need to do to hit the increasingly tougher Gold standard.

Learning Objective

Get answers to everything you ever wanted to know about CPD, but were too busy to ask.

Benefits of Attending

Whether you are new to our industry’s CPD scheme or could just do with some ideas and encouragement, this workshop is designed to help you reap the benefits of good Continuous Professional Development.

Key Content

  • What’s in this for you? What’s in this for the industry?
  • What are the criteria trying to establish? Why do we ask you what we do?
  • The Standard Criteria: Exercise on healthy signs of each criteria being met.
  • Exercises on link between business goals, skills and training.
  • Exercise on why metrics add meaning to measuring success.
  • Discussion on the quality of learning detail and demonstration of how to fill in CPD Diaries. Ways to encourage good record keeping by your staff.
  • Gold criteria discussed in detail – what are we looking for?
  • Exercises on telling us a story.
  • Group work on issues such as how to get senior management involvement; inclusivity, using low budgets effectively.
  • Explanation of review process for both Standard and Gold.
  • Discussion on helpful techniques for e.g. stories, honesty, linking what you did back to business success in your submission, performance review training, evaluating your training beyond level one, genuine involvement of your senior team, doing something clever or unique (that works), start early…
  • What we can do to help, all free: Forum seminars and guides, Best Practice Guide, free online courses on training planning and effectiveness, appraisals and welcome programmes, Gold mentoring.
  • Private action planning.

Breakfast served from 08:30

Gwyn March, IPA CPD Consultant

Gwyn has worked in advertising and media agencies for 28 years, and has been tutoring for 20 of these – agencies and their clients. She cares passionately that training contributes to the individual and the business so strives constantly to make sure that the learning is embedded, behaviour is changed and there are business results. She has been involved in CPD since its inception in 1999.
She is the author of the IPA online Evaluating Training modules and winner of various training effectiveness awards.
Her work as Chair of the IPA Training Forum, an Assessor on the IPA Gold panel, manning the Foundation Certificate help desk, and as part of the team training mentors for the One2One mentor scheme keeps her close to the issues that matter to agencies. She is part of a team which has just produced three more online resources ‘How to run effective appraisals’, ‘How to Plan a Training Programme’, and 'How to have the Best Welcomes'. She is lucky enough to have been made an Honorary Fellow of the IPA.


For more information please contact rebecca.joyce@ipa.co.uk or gwynmarch@ipa.co.uk

Last updated 21 January 2022