How to Build Strong Client Relationships - Manchester

Building and maintaining a good relationship with your client is crucial in the advertising business. So this course delves into the nature of the relationship in great depth, to help you understand what your client is looking for and gives you the tools you need to maintain continuity, strengthen the bond and always make your client look good.

Who is this qualification for?

The half day course is aimed at account executives, account managers and account directors in any type of communication-orientated agency including; advertising, CRM, digital, social media, PR or promotional. The content can be adjusted depending on the seniority of the delegates.

What are the benefits?

  • Gain a full understanding of what your client expects and wants from you
  • Find out how to strengthen the client/agency relationship
  • Reflect on your client’s world to better understand their needs
  • Create a working plan to improve your client relationship going forward


1.The unique nature of the client/agency relationship

  • Research from Aprais evaluating 17,000 client/agency appraisals
  • How the agency/client relationship is different to other advisors like Lawyers and Accountants
  • Transactional v collaborative
  • The influence of subjectivity
  1. 2. What makes strong client/agency relationships
  • The link between trust, building great relationships and doing great work. (Robert Solomon - The Art of Client Service)
  • The three aspects of the partnership - Procedural, Professional and Psychological. (IPA Adapt Paper)
  • Quotes from case histories on strong client partnerships. - e.g. John Lewis (Campaign Magazine)
  1. Looking at the relationship from the client’s perspective
  • How this is only one small part of their job
  • Results of a poll - what clients want from account management
  • Helping clients understand the mystery of what goes on in the agency
  1. 4. Knowing your client’s business and world
  • Getting behind the curtain and getting context (sales visits etc)
  • Becoming an expert on your brand and the market
  • Being that point of continuity, when clients change their team
  • Understanding the politics within the company and your client’s relationship with their juniors and superiors
  • Making your client look good
  1. Three key ways to build strong relationships
  • Being Responsive
  • Being Proactive (with an exercise on when and how)
  • By the quality of Communication (ensuring enough F2F communication, keeping an open dialogue and discussing potential issues before sores get rubbed)
  1. Pulling it together - developing strong antennae
  • Building awareness of all the things that impact the relationship
  • Antenna Audit - Exercise where each attendee assesses the strength of their current client relationships by scoring key areas and then develop a plan to improve them
  1. Wrap up and Summary

How the learning is delivered

This course is energetic and highly active with lots of exercises and opportunities for delegates to share their experiences.

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Paul Phillips

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