Introduction to IPA Foundation Certificate Workshop 4

A free workshop for this year's Foundation Certificate candidates explaining what it is, why it is useful knowledge and how to prepare for a successful exam.

Introduction to IPA Foundation Certificate Workshop

Who it is for

For anyone already booked onto the qualification, anyone who is interested in completing the qualification or interested in testing their knowledge of the qualification content. 


The IPA Foundation Certificate is an award-winning and internationally-recognised programme aimed at all newcomers to the industry. It provides delegates with an essential overview of all areas of advertising that, without it, could take several years to acquire.

The IPA Foundation Certificate Workshop has been set up to provide free training to help those taking the Foundation Certificate so that they are better able to tackle some of the fundamental areas of the qualification.

During the workshop delegates will engage in various quizzes and exercises to teach them some of the vital elements of their craft. There will be prizes!

What we'll cover

  1. What's in the certificate and why you should bother
  2. Quick quiz
  3. Bad creative brief/better brief
  4. Media targeting and mediums' pros and cons
  5. Effectiveness exercise 
  6. Revision advice - how to nail it

Just so you know:

Each workshop is limited to 50 delegates only, as a result, there is a 3 person per-agency limit.

Please note: if you are taking one of our courses or qualifications through your employer or educational establishment, we may need to share your information - including your course or qualification results - with them. For further details about how we treat your personal data, please see our privacy policy.

Last updated 12 March 2019