Keynote Jedi

A Visual Narrative & Keynote Workshop

Your presentations, slides and decks need a new perspective. Learn how to wield Apple’s Keynote presentation software like a Jedi, making long-lasting and immediate impact.

A Visual Narrative & Keynote Workshop

Who is this course for?

Presentations are a key part of our working lives, and with creativity as the bedrock of our industry, it’s time to make that content you have been working on for hours stand out. Understanding how to visualise your storytelling is a vital step in transforming how you talk to audiences.

In this workshop you’ll be empowered to make your content look better so you can finally say adios to Powerpoint. You’ll be given a solid foundation of the software so you’ll be able to understand and embrace all of Keynote’s exciting features.

This one-day course is intended for anyone who would benefit from improving their presentation style and visualisation. It will allow new users to move away from Powerpoint, while also helping those already using Keynote to build on their current skills.

Key learning outtakes:  

The course will be split into 3 crucial categories to build on a variety of different skills and disciplines (See agenda for the day below):

  • Theory: Key content principles for storytelling narrative & core visual principles for Graphic Design. These foundations will provide you with the confidence to map your presentations before going into design.
  • Practice: Here you’ll be given an intro to Keynote and learn the basics of the programme. You’ll learn the easy to use skills that will allow you to utilise the programme and make the most of its not so often intuitive interface, before moving onto the more dynamic design capabilities. Through a series of exercises you’ll be able to hone your own style while building your confidence with the programme.
  • The Task: This one-to-one exercise will allow you to demonstrate what you’ve learnt with a presentation building task. You’ll be able to use the design and storytelling principles to craft a simple Keynote deck.

About the Tutor

Francisco Ortigosa has been transforming the way brands, agencies and clients talk about themselves for more than a decade.

He’s worked all around the globe for iconic names like L’Oreal, Buzzfeed, Tom Ford... as well as some of the most acclaimed and progressive agencies in London.

In his current role as Head of Strategic Design at Grey, he’s revolutionised visual storytelling and presentation narrative through Keynote. Managing a team with a range of disciplines, he provides a 360 design approach to create memorable and dynamic presentations that make an immediate impact.


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