Managing People in an Emotionally Intelligent Way - Birmingham

This qualification will help you develop the skills and confidence to get the best out of colleagues, clients and suppliers so that they will want to work with you and feel motivated to do their best for you. You’ll discover leadership, listening and negotiating tactics that will help you gain the respect of everyone you come into contact with.

Managing People in an Emotionally Intelligent Way - Birmingham

Who is this qualification for?

Managers who are keen to gain the respect of a team they are in charge of, employees joining a team for the first time or suppliers who would like to develop long term relationships with their clients.

What are the benefits?

  • Discover leadership qualities you can adopt straight away.
  • Learn how to actively listen
  • Gain authority and motivate through appropriate delegation and managing expectations.
  • Improve your briefing strategy
  • Run meetings to get results
  • Learn principled negotiation including negotiating with the difficult
  • Use everyday inspiration and motivational feedback to develop your team
  • Learn how to handle difficult conversations


During the 6 hour session we’ll discuss why it is important to develop emotional intelligence in the advertising business. You’ll learn the principles of ‘How to win friends and influence people’ including other lessons from the greats and we’ll help you develop a strategy to be the person everyone wants to work with.

How the learning is delivered

Delegates will be required to do some pre-work prior to the qualification beginning.

CPD: 6 hours

Book onto Managing People in an Emotionally Intelligent Way in Bristol on 16th October.

Your Tutor

Gwyn March

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Last updated 21 January 2022

It clearly highlighted to me things I need to work on and tactics I can use. It was also fun