Manchester Training Forum

Negotiation Techniques and Difficult Conversations

The Training Forum is on the road and our first stop will be Manchester on 27th of June with two exciting sessions to help you improve your negotiation techniques and better lead difficult conversations.

How to Negotiate Better

Kevin TaylorChief Inspector and Head of Hostage Negotiation for Greater Manchester Police, has over 27 years of experience in the police, working his way through the ranks, from uniformed officer to Chief Inspector and Head of Hostage Negotiation for Greater Manchester Police. Kevin thrives in hostage and negotiation situations, when really listening is a matter of life or death. In this talk, Kevin will apply the lessons he learned as a police leader and the skills he honed as a hostage negotiator to the advertising sector.

Feedback from Kevin’s previous session at McCann:

  • "I now understand more about the emotional aspect of negotiation, this is something you perhaps don't consider a part of a client facing role, but it is."
  • "I will now be more prepared for any challenging client conversation"
  • "I’ve learnt how to be a better listener"

Dealing with Difficult Conversations

During her 31 years in our industry, IPA CPD Consultant Gwyn March has failed to have many difficult conversations, and lived to regret it. Tutoring on the Advanced Leadership workshop she found that she was not the only one. In this mini workshop you’ll understand how important it is to have 'difficult' conversations, learn techniques how to lead them, and privately pledge to have one difficult conversation.

Feedback from Gwyn's previous workshops:

  • "To learn how to deal with conflict - the course fulfilled [this objective]."
  • "The course helped me … how to deal with tricky conversations."
  • "Extremely engaging and very, very useful."

Terms and Conditions

There is a cap of 3 bookings per agency for the IPA Training Forum. If you would like to bring more they will be added to a waiting list. If the forum has a lunch, please email with your dietary requirements at least 7 working days before the forum date. Please note: a photographer may be present at this IPA event. By purchasing a ticket you will be consenting to your photograph being taken and used by the IPA for our promotional purposes in any media. Should you change your mind and not wish to have your photograph taken, please inform an IPA representative on your arrival.

Last updated 21 January 2022