Presentation Skills

An agency’s success rests not only on producing great work but on being able to present it. We’ll help turn people into confident and talented presenters, giving them the tools and training to bring about long-term improvements and to inspire them to realise that great presentation skills belong to everyone.

Who is this course for?

Anyone at any level who wants to improve their presentation skills: from those who dread presenting to those who’d like to go from being accomplished to outstanding.


The best presentations appear spontaneous and dynamic. The reason for this is because they are planned, structured and delivered in a very thought-through way. The course begins with pre-work: each person must come ready to talk about their passion for 1 minute and present this at the start of the training while being filmed.

The course then works systematically through the requirements for the perfect “spontaneous” presentation:

  • Setting objectives
  • Assessing your current presenting style (your 1-minute presentation is filmed & critiqued)
  • Before you write: understanding your objective, audience and how to build rapport
  • When you write: structure and discovering the grid
  • Two ways to start a presentation:
    • F.A.R.T. (Flatter, Angst, Resolve and Tempt)
    • S.T.A.R. (Something They’ll Always Remember)  

The purpose of these is to bring content to life and to develop your ability as a story teller.

  • Ending your presentation: the importance of eye contact, vocal and body language; dealing with nerves; handling questions
  • Delivering final presentations
  • Reviewing objectives (“preparing the postcards”)

You’ll leave equipped with the tools to make a point and to make it memorable. You’ll understand the importance of content, structure and an impactful start, and you have the techniques to practice all of these.

Your tutor

Tish Mousell 

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Last updated 12 November 2021