Presenting to Engage

This half-day workshop builds on the Presenting with Impact session. Learn skills that help you stay in control when audience response could previously have derailed you.

Who is this course for?

Senior industry people; ideal for anyone who has taken the Presenting with Impact course.


The workshop is an opportunity to dive deeper into the areas of body language, tone, and content, and to introduce mindfulness skills that can keep you assured and in control when previously an audience response could have thrown you off course. The workshop provides the perfect “safe” environment in which to experiment with new ways of presenting, and the bespoke feedback will allow you to hone your style.

You will cover five different areas:

  1. Icebreakers
    Invaluable exercises to build rapport and introduce energy
  2. Influencing, evolving & flexing your style
    Making an impact on your audience
    Flexing your style to meet the diverse needs of your audience
    Reading the room and responding accordingly
  3. Storytelling
    Bringing words to life to maximise audience reaction
  4. Owning your material 
    Techniques to present third party content as your own
    Winning hearts and minds and forging ownership Q&A’s
    Establishing your credibility and gravitas
    Dealing with challenging questions

Your tutor

Matt Robinson

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Last updated 21 January 2022