Presenting with Impact

While the commercial world we work in is changing at an unprecedented speed, one thing remains unchanged: the ability to present. This workshop is an introduction for some and a reminder for others about this essential and timeless soft skill.

Who is this course for?

Anyone, at any level of the industry who wants to make better and more effective presentations.


The workshop devotes itself to the key challenges of every presentation. How do you engage your audience? How do you sound different to your competitors? How do you sell your message?  You’ll learn how to combine passion and enthusiasm with the power of your argument – every time you stand up. It focuses on the skills and behaviours that create connections and trust between a presenter and an audience, on the basis that the deeper the impression you make at the time, the longer lasting the effect.

You’ll learn five ways to make your next presentation more memorable:

  • The attention-grabbing opening – first impressions count
  • The use of structure for maximum impact and clarity
  • The importance of delivery to create impact and empathy
  • The ability to build rapport and make personal connections with the audience
  • The use of props where they can maximise the impact of your presentation

Course Tutor

Matt Robinson

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Last updated 21 January 2022