Production Certificate

Essential training for production assistants and junior agency producers

Redeveloped in 2019 to encompass the changing role now required of producers, the Production Certificate takes candidates through the processes for all types of production from traditional commercials, online content, stills, non-traditional media and producing in-house productions.

Applications for the next intake of the IPA Production Certificate will open in 2021. For more information on the application opening date, please sign up to the interest list to receive all further updates. 

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Who is this qualification for?

Production assistants and junior producers with at least 18 months' experience in their role. From recent graduates in their first production role, to people entering a production role from other industry disciplines. 

What is covered?

  • The role and importance of the agency producer
  • The disciplines: contracts, copyright and legal
  • Looking at a script and deck in detail, scheduling and ball parking
  • PIBS contracts
  • Insurance
  • Choosing directors
  • Understanding a production quote
  • Animatics explained
  • Animation Casting, usage and contracts
  • SAG, foreign talent and shooting abroad
  • Post production
  • Pre-production meetings
  • Music
  • Cinema
  • Radio
  • Stills
  • Digital media / social media content
  • Ad funded programming / branded content
  • Producing in-house productions

How is the learning delivered and assessed?

This qualification is delivered over six days; three full consecutive Monday's at the IPA, followed by a three day residential.

If a delegate is unable to attend any of the sessions then unfortunately they will be unable to participate in the qualification at all. 

The qualification is assessed by a closed-book, offline, written exam. Delegates' participation, engagement and contribution throughout the qualification is also graded. Passing these assessments is the only way to successfully complete the qualification. However, delegates are expected to successfully complete other pieces of homework and group work during the qualification. These will not be long or demanding and are all preparatory pieces of work for later sessions. 

The qualification is designed to be interactive, with group workshops and industry experts sharing their knowledge and providing practical advice. 

Submission of applications will be accepted by the IPA as firm confirmation of the agency's intention to enroll the applying delegate.


All qualification, administrative, travel and accommodation costs are covered by the qualification fees:

  • IPA Members: £2,500 + VAT pp
  • IPA Non-Members: £5,000 + VAT pp

If you are considering applying as an IPA non-member we recommend considering joining the MIPA Pathway to benefit from paying the member qualification price. 

Read the IPA Production Certificate Qualification Policies