Production Negotiation Skills

This course is for producers who want enhance their negotiation skills with clients and develop a style that is more productive.

Who is the course for?

Designed principally for business affairs personnel, production assistants and junior producers. Senior producers and production personnel are welcome too. The complexity of the course will be adjusted taking into account their enhanced skills.

Delegates will develop an appreciation for the different roles of a negotiator and create a negotiation style. They will understand how to get past ‘No’ and how to use the five pillars of effective communication.


The workshop examines and learns from real case studies via a mix of discussion groups, individual and group exercises and role playing with feedback.

The tone is deliberately encouraging and engaging: a “safe” environment in which junior production staff especially can feel relaxed and confident about trying things out and developing a negotiation style.

The tutor

Simon Gill



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Last updated 21 January 2022