STRATEGY! The Workout with Mark Pollard from Mighty Jungle

Get ready for a Strategy Workout, 2.5 hours of strategy, ideas, insight, creativity and inspiration.

Who it is for

“How do you get good at strategy?” That’s the question this 2.5 hour session seeks to answer. Whether you're involved in planning, writing briefs or creative work this workout involving ideas, insight, creativity and inspiration will help you quickly improve the way you approach strategy.


In a high energy, hands-on workout, attendees will run through survival techniques that help creative brains quickly get to good strategy while exploring ways to practice every day.

You'll leave supercharged but, most importantly, you'll take with you clear definitions of words such as “problem”, “insight”, “idea”, and “strategy”, and a determination to do more strategic, more creative work back at your desk. 

In the meantime, you can watch Mark's Skillshare class on brand strategy and read How to do account planning - a simple approach  And on the day, he will welcome any questions.

What we'll cover

  • Lateral thinking
  • Problem identification
  • Insights - writing them
  • Defining a company's advantage
  • Strategy statements/propositions

Your tutor

Mark is an all-round inspiration in the world of advertising and strategy. Creator of Sweathead (FacebookiTunesYouTube) strategy podcasts to ‘help people who think for a living’, Mark previously ran strategy teams at a number of agencies.   

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Last updated 21 January 2022

I admire Mark’s approach to strategic planning and his uncanny ability to get people outside of their constrained brainspace to dream up something that’s honest, bold, inspirational, and worthy of our full attention. I’m a big fan!