The Penthouse Classroom

Three short, classroom style sessions, held in one morning covering useful topics such as time management, presentations and client services. Agencies can buy a place at all 3 sessions and switch candidates as they wish.

The Penthouse Classroom

Who is this course for?

This collection of sessions is for anyone who wants to know more about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and learn strategies for coping in a high pressure environment, both with their own stress and that of their teams

Agencies can buy a ‘seat’ for £150 (+VAT) for the morning and then switch people in and out if they wish, or just send one person to all three lessons.


Mental Health Session

9am-10am: Paul Phillips on Building Resilience

10.15am-11.15am: Annie O’Neill on how to look after your own Wellbeing. Offering practical tips on diet, sleep and exercise and how to settle the ‘Glitter Mind’!

11.30am-12.30pm: Sam Pearce on Spotting Your Stress Triggers in yourself and in your team.

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