Training Effectiveness and Evaluation Masterclass

This workshop will help you to maximise the usefulness of CPD to your business.

This workshop will help you to maximise the usefulness of CPD to your business, and raise the business profile, as well as your own by becoming a successful tool to the business. "The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else" - Eric Ries

This session will run virtually via a 2hr zoom session on Thursday 5 November, 10am-12pm. This workshop will help you to maximise the usefulness of CPD to your business.

Who is this for?

This session is suitable for anyone who wants their training to be more effective and to be able to prove it contributed to the business. We strongly recommend this workshop for all CPD Managers and possibly any Finance Directors, or Senior Management who wish to achieve CPD Gold Accreditation

What we will cover

  • WIIFY – maximise the usefulness of your CPD to the business. “The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else” Eric Ries.

  • Making Training More Effective:
    • Is training/CPD really part of the solution e.g. coaching organised purely to put off telling someone they aren’t going to get promoted
    • Adults learn in different ways, how can you personalise content?
    • Has a business purpose, not ‘signalling’, which the attendee understands
    • Designed for retention (Retention triangle) e.g. interactive
    • Real world work brought by participants
    • Peer learning workshops
    • Protege effect
    • Attendees not hostages
    • ‘Just in time’
    • Spaced learning/bite size
    • ‘Lean learning’ – e.g. focus on the 20% of the learning which gets used 80% of the time
    • Waterfalling knowledge
    • How to get ‘Penny drop’ moments e.g. exercises, questions, games
    • Encourage learning from mistakes/Psychological Safety
    • Follow up to check learning used/beating ‘The Forgetting Curve’
    • Goal buddies
    • Make the commitment to use learning as public as possible
    • Incentivising use not attendance
    • Use of tech to remind e.g. chatbots
  • Evaluating Training so that your Management can see it contributes to business success:
    • Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels – Reaction, Learning, Behaviour, Results – and why we follow them, why we ‘start with the end in mind’
    • Level 1 examples – happy sheet, chat in corridor, email, staff survey, probation pass rates, exit interviews etc.
    • Level 2 examples – exam or quiz pass, blog post, ‘five things I learned’ at status meeting, pre and post confidence scores etc.
    • Level 3 examples – testimonials of use of learning, observations of use of learning (boss, colleagues, clients, third parties like AAR etc.)
    • Level 4 examples – value of the benefit, ROI, payback period, cost/benefit analysis
    • Traps to avoid – being overgenerous about CPD’s contribution e.g. pitch win all down to pitch workshop, being unrealistic about benefit that can accrue
    • Training which always seems to pay back – MHFA, bad debt, recruitment without headhunters. Examples of ‘slam dunkers’ where 100% could be argued for.
    • Ways to make it easier e.g. start early, don’t evaluate everything, find fun methods to capture use of learning, use of tech, use of non tech ways etc.
    • Publicising success – internally, to management, to the world
  • ACTION – what one thing have you learned that you will use/buddy pledge.

Your tutor - Gwyn March

Gwyn March has been working in our industry for 33 years, tutoring for over 25.  She learned a great deal about effective training and how to evaluate it via being CPD manager for ten years of two big agencies, writing a CPD Gold paper, mentoring CPD Gold entrants and running the IPA Training Forum.  Gwyn will share all she has learned about adult learning from her successes and failures.  And answer any questions!


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Last updated 21 January 2022