CPD Manager Resources

Role and Responsibilities of a CPD Manager

As a CPD Manager you are central to the life of the agency and the people who work within it. Whether you are new to the position or an experienced manager we'll help you develop a vibrant learning culture to support real commercial objectives.

The CPD Manager

  • sets up and maintains the CPD Accreditation programme in the agency
  • monitors the agency's CPD progress and activities throughout the year and prompts individuals to take ownership of their own development and maintains accurate records of CPD activities
  • agrees business objectives with senior management
  • oversees development of a training plan
  • negotiates and manages the CPD/development budget
  • communicates the programme’s resources and benefits to the agency, especially senior management
  • ensures all induction and appraisal programmes are set up, maintained and effective

CPD managers should refer to the profile - registration guide as well as the guide to using the CPD dashboard.

CPD Manager's Training Forum

These free informal sessions are for CPD leaders in member agencies to get together and compare notes. You'll be encouraged to discuss training issues, pool knowledge, share triumphs (and even disasters). The session includes guest speakers and attendance at any session contributes towards your CPD.

The aim of the forum is that attendees return empowered to their agencies, secure in the knowledge that CPD isn’t a business nicety, it’s a commercial imperative.

See upcoming Training Forum workshops.

Last updated 01 May 2024