How to Achieve Accreditation


Every year we help our member agencies meet their accreditation requirements. It's the yardstick by which the UK's best agencies want to be measured.

Once you've been in membership for a full calendar year or more, we'll ask you to submit for CPD Accreditation every year.

In order to maintain your IPA membership, you'll need to be ready to prove that you have adhered to these five criteria:

We'll select a third of members for a CPD Progress Review each year. We'll check that the CPD performance is supporting the business and help plan future activity - there's no charge for this service.

CPD Gold and Platinum Accreditation

We think it's important to reward agencies who achieve outstanding results. So for those who can prove real business gains due to outstanding use of CPD, we'll reward them with Gold or Platinum Accreditation.

The IPA CPD Gold Accreditation scheme recognises and rewards CPD excellence. IPA member agencies who receive the accolade demonstrate a genuine culture of learning; bettering the professionalism, development and reputation of the industry, enhancing clients’ brands and agencies’ worth as a result. When submitting for CPD Gold Accreditation, agencies must demonstrate that CPD lies at the heart of their business. After achieving CPD Gold Accreditation for four years in any five year period, you’ll also be eligible for CPD Platinum Accreditation, the IPA accolade for sustained CPD excellence.

Personal Membership Scheme (MIPA)

Helping agencies maximise their potential isn't our only motivation. We want individual Advertising Practitioners to be viewed on the same footing as Architects, Engineers and Lawyers. So in 2016 we launched a personal membership scheme (MIPA).

MIPA is a rigorous accreditation that practitioners can add to the end of their name on their business card or CV. It's an accolade that will instantly identify them as having achieved best practice in a challenging field.

IPA CPD Accreditation Starter Pack

This document provides an overview of the IPA's CPD Standard Accreditation scheme including the key processes, requirements, and useful links and contacts. It is a useful tool for CPD managers and anyone who is responsible for organising or assessing agency training and learning activities.

  • The IPA CPD Accreditation Starter Pack is currently being updated
Last updated 01 May 2024