History of the IPA Training Forum

50 years of learning and development

50 years of the IPA Training Forum, which is currently co-chaired by Gwyn March, CPD Adviser, and Antonia Stearn, Junior Learning and Development Manager.

The Training Forum started 50 years ago, and since its conception, it has always been run by the IPA with agencies co-chairing.

First iteration - It was a small community, with those interested in HR, and learning and development coming together at the IPA to discuss the pressing topics within these.

Second iteration – In 1999 CPD was launched and alongside this CPD managers. Every agency now had to have a CPD manager. In light of this, the training forum evolved to become a resource for the newly appointed CPD managers.

These all took place in person at the IPA, and they became a hub for people to share training ideas, coaching and mentoring practices.

Third iteration – During covid this community moved virtual, which meant it opened up to anyone, anywhere.

Despite these three iterations, there have been key themes throughout:

  • The chair of the forum has always been someone with extensive experience in agencies.
  • It has always been supported by the IPA.
  • It’s a place to engage with good trainers and coaches.
  • It’s a place to be informed on pertinent topics such as ageism in advertising, returning mothers and how to practice psychological safety.

Sessions have been divided into the following topics:

  • wellbeing and mental health
  • CPD best practice (appraisals/ inductions)
  • psychological safety
  • new business skills and talent acquisition and retention

We welcome any questions or ideas:

Gwyn, [email protected] and Antonia, [email protected] 

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Last updated 01 May 2024