CPD Managers

Get your agency's CPD activity off to the right start with these essential first steps as CPD Manager

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As CPD Manager you are central to the life of the agency and the people who work within it. Whether you are new to the position or an experienced manager we'll help you develop a vibrant learning culture to support real commercial objectives.

Your responsibilities as a CPD Manager

1. Set up and maintain the CPD Accreditation programme in the agency

This should include making an online submission by 31st January every year. You may also have the opportunity to write a Gold CPD submission.

2. Monitor the agency’s CPD progress throughout the year

You can do this via the IPA website’s or your own in-house records. You will be given CPD Manager web access for this. You are encouraged to continuously ensure your list of users is accurate throughout the year so that all progress recorded is accurate.  

3.  Agree business objectives with senior management.

4. Oversee development of a training plan

This should be designed to meet the agency's business objectives. You will also need to work out how to measure the contribution of CPD to the agency’s business results.

5. Negotiate and manage the CPD/development budget

This includes finding the best development solutions and tutors.

6. Communicate your programme’s resources and benefits

These should be reported to the agency, especially senior management.

7. Induction and appraisal programmes

Ensure these are set up, maintained and effective.

8. Monitor CPD activities

Prompt individuals to take ownership of their own development and maintain accurate records of CPD activities.

9. Grow your own CPD

Maintain and grow your own CPD and Talent skills via free workshops, free CPD online modules and Training Forum workshops.