Employee Satisfaction

Find out what it is really like to work at your agency

The relationship between agency and client has never been more talked about than at present. However, an agency’s success rests not only on outstanding client relationships, but on good employee relationships too.

Measuring, evaluating and improving relationships

We've designed our Employee Satisfaction Survey to play a pivotal role in measuring, evaluating and improving internal relationships, and it's free to members.

The survey examines staff views on senior management; quality of agency training and development; and asks the key question: would your staff recommend a friend joins the agency?

Using consistent methodology the survey provides agencies with insight into:

  • the effectiveness of their training
  • the success of their recruitment strategy
  • new business plans
  • how they match up against their competitors
  • what changes would enhance their performance

Survey Extras:

While the core service is free, members can choose to include additional questions at £50 a question. They can also arrange for a bespoke debrief by the researcher, including a full report and recommendations for £750.

Setting Up The Survey:

The annual survey starts with a consultation. Pick a week using our online calendar. Please bear in mind that because the survey is done in great depth, we can only do one survey per week.


Last updated 10 November 2021