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Now you can take advantage of our award winning learning and development programme wherever you are in the world.

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Learning and development are global currencies. That's why the IPA's mission is not only to make UK agencies and industry professionals the best they can be, but to make our courses available wherever you are in the world.

Be the best in your field wherever you are

Now you can access all our online courses, wherever you are in the world. And of course, if you can pop back to the UK, you're welcome to take advantage of our wide range of offline events and courses too. Lots of international practitioners do. 

If you're unable to travel, email and we can see if we can run a course in your country. We're here to help you as much as we can.

The fact is, the IPA’s world class, award winning learning and development programme is highly regarded in international markets. Not surprising when you consider that the content is written and conceived by agency practitioners from every discipline in our multichannel world.

We collaborate closely with representatives around the globe to localise content for your local market. So, whether you're working as an account director in Dubai, a marketing executive in Shanghai or a communications planner in Dallas, you can be sure our courses are relevant to your market.  And in this fast changing world, we make sure all our courses are regularly updated to keep the content fresh and applicable.

Learning and development is powerful stuff.

In 2016, data gathered from IPA Member Agencies who prioritised learning and development showed a 36% increase in digital revenue, 57% pitch conversion rates, 80% staff retention rate and 84% positive client rating. 

Individuals who embark on our Accredited Member of the IPA pathway (MIPA) can expect to feel the benefits too. Clients, new business prospects and future employers will immediately recognise you as the best in your field, wherever you are. And being trained to such a high standard means you can do more for your agency as well as for your career. 

Since 2012, around 22,000 advertising, media and marketing services professionals from all corners of the globe have gained IPA qualifications. Now it's your turn.

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