Special T&Cs - Ukraine Programme

The IPA has made a number of its professional development courses that are ordinarily charged for a fee, as free-of-charge for a limited period.

The IPA has made a number of its professional development courses that are ordinarily charged for a fee, as free-of-charge for a limited period. As a result, those taking part in this special learning offer for Ukrainian advertising and communications professionals must accept terms of participation which are different to ordinary, fee-paying customers. Any person (individual or business) wishing to order and take part in a specified, free-of-charge course through the IPA must review and accept this set of Special Terms and Conditions.

IPA’s right to amend these terms:

The IPA may amend these Special Terms and Conditions at any time. In particular, the IPA reserves the right to remove the offer of free qualifications, change the offer period (including to reduce or extend it), or change the offering of free courses at any time.


Any holder of an Ukrainian passport are eligible to order and take part in the Specified Free Courses, free of charge, during the Offer Period.

To enrol in a Specified Free Course, the entrant must use a special discount code obtained either through the IPA or via other channels authorised by the IPA. The discount code can be entered at the time of purchase for the regular price on the website to be reduced to zero.

The IPA may demand reasonable forms of identification to be produced and/or a declaration to be made to confirm eligibility.

Offer Period:

For the Specified Free Courses, entrants must complete the order on the IPA’s website from 11 April 2022 until the Booking Deadline for that course, as specified below. For courses without a Booking Deadline, the order must be completed prior to 31 December 2022.

Upon completing an order, the courses must be completed by the Completion Deadline for that course as specified below. Access to the course materials will be removed and entrants will not be able to complete the course or the exam after that deadline.


Eligible entrants can order and take up any number of “qualifications” from the list of Specified Free Courses.

“Courses” have a limited number of participants and is available on a “first-come-first-served” basis. However, for fairness, the IPA may limit entrants from enrolling into multiple courses if the IPA considers it necessary to manage demand. The IPA may reject orders for multiple courses from the same entrant, and accept later eligible entries.

Specified Free Courses:

The courses that are identified as a Specified Free Course, maximum capacity, the course period, and the booking deadline are as follows. This list can be updated at any time at the IPA’s discretion:


Exam Date / Completion Deadline

Booking Deadline


Foundation Certificate

27 June 2022

25 April 2022


Foundation Certificate

26 September 2022

27 July 2022


Commercial Essentials Certificate


31 December 2022

30 November 2022


Effectiveness Essentials Certificate


31 December 2022

30 November 2022


Terms which apply to you

By ordering a course on the IPA’s website, entrants agree to the IPA’s Professional Development Terms and Conditions, the IPA’s website terms and conditions. In addition, for any courses purchased under this scheme, the following additional terms will apply:

Special Terms and Conditions

  • Entrants that have signed up to any Specified Free Course should use their best efforts to attend the course, webinar or qualification at the specified dates/times. If the entrant is unable to attend for any reason, they should inform the IPA (learning@ipa.co.uk) as soon as practicable.
  • Courses must be taken part by the applicant only, and cannot be passed on for the benefit of a third party.
  • No deferrals will be offered by the IPA – if the entrant wishes to defer the course then the full ordinary charges will apply.
  • No re-sits will be offered.
  • Cancellation charges are waived.
  • Entrants have no access to any IPA member benefits or resources
  • Entrants acknowledge the IPA’s use of the entrant’s personal data in accordance with the IPA’s privacy policy. In addition, and in particular, entrants consent to the IPA contacting the entrant to market and/or offer to sell IPA membership, as well as IPA courses and events from time to time.

These Special Terms and Conditions form a part of the Professional Development Terms and Conditions of Sale, and to the extent that there are any inconsistencies, these Special Terms and Conditions will take precedence, to the extent they relate to courses enrolled through this scheme.

Last updated 11 April 2022