What to look out for at EffWorks Global 2021

Marketing Effectiveness: New Evidence

Take a first look at key themes in the industry’s flagship effectiveness event.

EffWorks Global 2021 kicks off again on Tuesday 12 October with a day-long conference at a London venue. Our first physical event in a while. Join us to ensure you enjoy live access to presentations, a chance to put questions directly to speakers as well of course a much-awaited opportunity to network and lunch with industry colleagues.

This feast of Effectiveness will be followed by three days (13-15 October) of free virtual seminars, roundtables and panel discussions, with additional satellite events from our partner sponsors.

Topic Areas

    The theme of the week is Marketing Effectiveness: New Evidence. 

    Who should attend?

    The content delivered at EffWorks Global 2021 is aimed at thought leaders, agency leaders, CMO's, brand managers, insight, effectiveness personnel as well as CSOs; planners and industry specialists.

    This year’s events showcase no less than eight new pieces of research and development. Each topic area will be presented with expert analysis and global comment from leading brands and agencies from around the world; as well as inspiration outside the industry.

    Share of Search

    In 2020, Les Binet and James Hankins explored the potential of search metrics to help track the health and future wealth of brands. In 2021 they join forces again - along with a newly convened group of esteemed practitioners from both the UK and the US - to explore how Share of Search can be a useful and practical predictive device to help future marketing decision-making. In this EffWorks address, James Hankins will outline the groups’ key findings to date on Share of Search and its correlation to Share of Market and explore cases to understand how the practice is used day today.

    Learnings for the Industry from Covid-19 – Part 1

    An internationally respected team of economists, Enders Analysis has worked with the IPA and our industry partners to produce this wide-ranging study into the effects and key lessons from the pandemic for the marketing industry. Tracing what are likely to be permanent structural shifts in the economy, this report will quantify and explore the impact for the industry on mobility restrictions, the rise in e-commerce, the explosion of in-home media consumption, and shifts in media spend. 

    Creativity and Effectiveness

    Orlando Wood of System1, unveils his follow-up to the critically acclaimed publication Lemon: How the advertising brain turned sour. Launching his new work at EffWorksGlobal 2021, Orlando will take us on a cultural journey unveiling how technology has changed business, advertising, and audiences. He argues this inwards turn has transformed advertising, causing people to look away. The live event will launch his new book, which will offer practical help and inspiration for those seeking to build brands online, create advertising that holds attention, delivers the greatest, longest-lasting business effects, and fundamentally reconnects people and the societies in which they live.

    The Effectiveness of Purpose

    Brand Purpose is a polarising topic. Some people are passionate about it, others think it’s a distraction, or can work against the business objectives. Despite the hype, there has been very little real evidence to support or discount purpose as an effective strategy. At EffWorks 2021 Marketing consultants, Peter Field and Carlos Grande have looked into the IPA Effectiveness Databank to see what quality evidence can be uncovered, and to offer a framework of the type of evidence that should be collected and evaluated if committing to brand purpose. It will suggest how to strike a balance between pure brand purpose objectives and business objectives and thus begin to explore the role of marketing in the broader ESG objectives now being widely adopted and expected by corporates worldwide.

    What else can we learn? More Effectiveness Awards learnings

    Dr Grace Kite, Founding Partner of Magic Numbers has been on a mission to collate key econometric data from UK advertising campaigns. This data will be used to expand on the learnings from seminal studies such as Effectiveness in Context or The Long and the Short of it and explore whether these marketing laws hold true for campaigns that do not win or even enter industry awards. Grace will unveil early findings on whether the decline in creative effectiveness can be correlated with spend, media channels, or particular product categories.

    New Frontiers for Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

    Consultant Andy Brown, former Chairman of Kantar Media, will present a review into trends in two of the key marketing effectiveness measurement issues being faced by marketers and agencies. These are the loss of cookies, that will affect short-term effectiveness, and new brand tracking techniques that will shape longer-term trends. How are brands planning to cope with a cookie-less world? What new paradigms are being created? What trends are happening in brand tracking and how are they now being integrated into major effectiveness datasets?

    The Future of B2B Effectiveness

    The size of the B2B market in the UK alone is estimated at £444 billion, which is around half of all business.  Yet marketing has yet to fully realise its potential in the sector. 

    Leading B2B marketing practitioners from global and local brands and agency networks have therefore joined the IPA and LinkedIn’s B2B Institute to explore key areas where evidence-based decision-making creates advantage across the sector. This will include new creative effectiveness strategies; selling in the role and importance of brand internally; coping with long-term sales cycles; and honing key metrics. We would like to see more B2B entries to the IPA Effectiveness Awards in 2022, and will be creating an insights guide from the workshops and the session will summarise some of these.

    Effectiveness Culture

    EffWorks 2021 will also explore the latest thinking in how to build and support an effectiveness culture. We will reveal key stats on the industry’s progress from our Marketing Effectiveness Culture Monitor, supported by ISBA, and that from our inaugural Effectiveness Accreditation programme. How is the industry performing across four quadrants (organisational focus, people, process, and data)? We will also hear from the judges on the Accreditation scheme about how effectiveness is being demonstrated across the entries from agencies in this first year.

    To ensure global access to the new R&D, thought leadership and case studies, tickets to attend all virtual events over the four days are free of charge.

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    Last updated 09 February 2023