44 Club: I don't agree book launch

A unique 10-step guide to navigating all types of conflict by recognising our differences.

Did you know you’re likely to have had over 89,000 heated altercations with your closest relations before you reached the age of eight?

This is the start of IPA member Michael Brown’s acclaimed new book I Don't Agree: A unique 10-step guide to navigating all types of conflict by recognising our differences, whatever the argument, whatever the negotiation: from equality to the environment, from pay rises to promotion, from gender to geopolitics.

It shows how, by taking a wider and kinder perspective we can all become...

  • Better leaders
  • Stronger team players
  • More promotable

Best selling marketing gurus, international diplomats and even the longest ever running commander of the NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team agree that I Don't Agree is a must read (see reviews below). 

On the day I Don't Agree goes live, join author Michael and two people who know a thing or two about conflict negotiation - Jules Chappell OBE and Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE. They will be delving into where conflict stems from, and the personal and professional benefits of leaving our egos at the door to reach the best solution.

IPA members get a 35% discount and free p&p on the book – details will be provided in the event registration email.


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Michael Brown

Michael Brown is a business founder, a long-term managing director, part of the leadership group of an organisation of over 4,000 people, and a social enterprise pioneer - helping to create, launch and lead what is thought to be the world's first mental health drop-in centre inside a soup kitchen. Michael's interest in the psychology of conflict and compromise arose after spectacularly falling out with his fellow shareholders in a business he led for a decade. The lessons he learned positively informed the culture of his next venture, now an international marketing organisation, and gave rise to I Don't Agree.

Jules Chappell OBE

Jules is Managing Director at London & Partners, the international trade, investment and promotional body for London. She is also CEO of a new festival for immersive storytelling, HUMAN, created by London & Partners and launching in 2021. Formerly a British diplomat, Jules served in Jordan, Iraq, America, Ethiopia and Guatemala, where she was British Ambassador. Throughout her career, she was involved in areas of conflict, working on peace processes, regional and international peacekeeping and conflict prevention. She returned to the UK in 2012 and led the global roll-out of the GREAT Britain Campaign, before joining a start-up communications company where she focused on expanding the influence of impact entrepreneurs and impact investors.

Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE

Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE is a former Gurkha officer, combat helicopter pilot, Specialist Military Unit officer, wounded veteran and former Senior Partner at McChrystal Group.  Currently, Ash is responsible for developing international business and strategic partnerships for Palantir Technologies. With a focus on leader development, talent management, and team-building solutions, Ash draws upon lessons learned from over 25 years’ experience leading and managing diverse multinational military, civilian, government, and other elite teams. Ash is also a former award-winning international musician, world championship athlete, and active campaigner and board member for a number of mental health charities.

Reviews for I Don’t Agree

“I Don’t Agree’ is a thought-provoking killer book that is well crafted, hugely entertaining and full of insight about how to reach agreement with people who would ordinarily disagree with you. It’s the perfect handbook for any negotiator’s toolbox.”

Lt. Jack Cambria (ret.) NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team Commander (2001-2015)

“In an age where rage is all the rage, here's a manual for how we can agree to disagree and move forward. A pacey read written with hope, heart and a very welcome sense of humour.”

Victoria Harper, Features Director, The Daily Telegraph

“If the art of advertising is to inform and persuade, then this book’s arrival at a point when we are beginning to reimagine how we work, and how we behave to build a better world could not be better timed. I loved this book and I’m certain you won’t need to work in advertising to feel the same.”

Tessa Gooding, Director of Communications, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

“In an increasingly polarised - and seemingly angry - society, it would seem eminently sensible to think hard about how we collaborate and communicate better with our fellow humans; at work, at home and in public discourse. Michael's book takes a fresh look at positive discussion and vital negotiating skills.”

Danny Rogers, editor-in-chief, PRWeek

Last updated 21 January 2022