Competing for Talent?

A Guide to an Agency Employer’s Legal Rights, Restrictions and Potential Liabilities

Given the current talent shortage, recruitment and retention is becoming increasingly competitive for members.

What happens if a senior manager leaves to join a competitor agency, or set up in competition with your business?

Conversely - what if your painstakingly, recently recruited new employee, is told by their former employer that they cannot yet work for you and/or with certain clients because they are bound by contractual post-termination restrictions (restrictive covenants), such as non-compete and non-solicitation clauses?

Joining us and the IPA employment lawyer, Associate Director, Juliet Bawtree, to provide specialist guidance on the above and more, is Beverley Sunderland, solicitor and Managing Director of Crossland Employment Solicitors.

In this session, Beverley will be addressing the following topical issues :

  • How can you protect your confidential information?
  • How enforceable are restrictive covenants?
  • What action can you take to stop your employee(s) competing?
  • What action can another agency take to stop your new recruit competing?
  • Getting it right at the start of employment – the importance of drafting the right contractual provisions at the outset and regularly updating contracts on promotion.
  • The implications of getting it wrong.

Time permitting, Beverley will also be taking your questions at the end of the session.

This session is for IPA Members only and is most suitable for those in Finance, HR. Operations and Management roles.

Your joining link will be sent separately prior to the session. 

Last updated 21 January 2022