Diversity Matters: Summer Series 1

What can employers do to support inclusion during COVID-19 restructuring?

IPA and Creative Equals invite you to discuss how inclusion will steer us through COVID-19.

The series of three webinars to see in your Summer will debate key topics and provide tangible actions, featuring voices from across our sector. 

The first from this series will take place on Wednesday 10 June.

How you treat your staff during a crisis could determine their loyalty to you when the dust settles. Inclusion can be a powerful tool for staff engagement particularly during COVID-19. We discuss what employers are doing to ensure they keep an inclusive lens on internal practises, policies and behaviours - particularly in light of agency restructures, redundancies and furloughing. Creative Equals will launch the results of their new industry study with Campaign - C-19 Inclusion Pulse to set the scene on how COVID-19 restructuring has impacted diversity. 

Post the event, they will launch Inclusive Restructuring Guidelines created by D&I Connect - a collective of D&I practitioners started in lockdown.

Creative Equals would like to be able to get in touch with you regarding similar events and updates. If you would like to opt in to be contacted please contact ava@ipa.co.uk.


  • Rachel Forde, CEO, UM UK
  • Ali Hanan, Founder, Creative Equals
  • Mizzy Lees, People Director, Mr. President
  • Dino Myers-Lamptey, Founder, The Barber Shop
  • Sufia Parkar, Regional Director, Diversity & Engagement, Europe & UK, McCann Worldgroup
  • Leila Siddiqi, Associate Director, Diversity, IPA 

Upcoming sessions

Series 2 - June 25: How brands can embrace authentic inclusion during COVID-19

How your brand behaves during this time could determine if you retain or gain new customers once COVID-19 is over. Brands that have jumped on the keyworker discount bandwagon for instance could struggle if their intent isn’t aligned with their brand purpose. Join key industry leaders to discuss brands that have tailored their customer response to COVID-19 in an authentic way, and the learnings we can take for our clients.

Series 3 - July (date TBC): How to keep inclusion at the top of the agenda during COVID-19

We all know the business case for inclusion in terms of profitability, innovation and creativity, yet COVID-19 is in danger of eroding years of work on supporting diversity. We need CMO's to keep inclusion alive for the agency sector. Join us to hear from CMO's on how they will continue to work with agencies who use diverse teams to create their work ensuring representation in front and behind the screens.

Last updated 21 January 2022