Diversity Matters: #RewriteTheScript

Press Pause: why we need to talk about casting to #RewriteTheScript

In this webinar we're tackling the topic of of clients asking for diverse characters to be removed from adverts, aiming to ignite a conversation around 'Press Pause' within the industry.

Press Pause: why we need to talk about casting to #RewriteTheScript

The series of three webinars to see in your Summer will debate key topics and provide tangible actions, featuring voices from across our sector. Join us for the third event in this series.

As an industry, we are only as good as our lowest common denominator agency. We know from many stories around the industry, our creative teams are being asked to remove diverse characters from scripts, particularly based around race. There is also the ‘rainbow’ tick box with clients currently making assumptions around a market, which feels tokenistic and perpetuating outdated - and potentially dangerous - stereotypes.

Advertising shapes culture, society and the way groups of people are perceived, so what’s our point of view as an industry? How can we collaborate closer with our brand partners to ensure they understand why representation is important and appealing to different markets is an avenue for global business and growth?

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  • Annie Gallimore, MD, Engine Creative 
  • Stephanie Matthews, Partnerships Director, Creative Equals
  • Xavier Rees, CEO, Havas London
  • Magnus Djaba, Global President, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Leila Siddiqi, Associate Director of Diversity, IPA

More speakers soon to be confirmed.

Last updated 21 January 2022