Eff Fest - Belfast

The opportunity to combine data and evidence with imagination and ideas has never been more exciting.

Eff Fest - Belfast

When planning how an idea might work or proving how it did work, we now have a mind-blowing set of tools at our disposal.

But how do we navigate all that data? How do we use evidence while still hanging on to our gut instinct? How do we decide on the metrics that actually matter when it comes to showing what worked and why?

We have brought together some of the brightest minds and thought-provoking examples of brands using data and evidence in new and interesting ways to create great advertising ideas.

Running order

2.15     Registration and refreshments

2.30     Welcome and introduction from Stephen Roycroft

2.40     Jennie Roper, Kinetic UK

3.10     Mev Bertrand, Neuro - Insight

3.40     Aaron Haynes, Vizeum UK

4.10     Panel Q&A curated by Stephen Roycroft

4.25.    Closing Remarks – Stephen Roycroft


Chair, and Speaker Synopses:

  • Chair, Stephen Roycroft 

MD, bigdog Belfast, Chair of Northern Ireland

  • Jennie Roper, Head of Insight, Kinetic UK

Synopsis: Hello… it is me you’re looking for?

In this session we will look at evidence based decision making.  The cocktail party effect is a well-known behavioural bias, whereby humans ‘selectively attend’ to stimulus they deem familiar or important. Kinetic UK and MediaCom looked into the possibility of its effect for use in out of home advertising using a test with Subway® stores. 

  •  Mev Bertrand, Neuro-Insight 

Synopsis: How measuring brain response can help maximise creative effectiveness, focusing on something that typically triggers strong (gut) feelings, but that isn’t easy to quantify: the impact of music and sound.

  • Aaron Haynes, Strategy Director, Vizeum UK

Synopsis: Ikea: From the Many People to the Many Individuals

Advertisers often fall foul of the same bias as consumers: overlooking the everyday in favour of far-off dreams and one-off fleeting events. Only by returning to IKEA’s founding promise of “creating a better everyday life for the many” did the brand return to glory. In this session, Aaron will help unpack how in a world of big data and technology, we shouldn’t overlook the role of humans in building meaningful relationships between multinational brands and other human beings.  

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Last updated 21 January 2022