Eff Fest - Scotland

The rising role of effectiveness

Join us as we delve into lessons in effectiveness from some of the UK’s top brands and thinkers.

Developing how we know what’s working feels more prevalent than ever.

25 years on from the first ever banner ads our knowledge of the relationship between creativity and effectiveness continues to grow.

The dangers of short-termism, not forgetting the human behind the click, examples of advertising not having its intended effect and the rise of ad blocking are just some of the things we’re now more aware of.

All of this growing knowledge is a wonderful opportunity to re-look at what works and why.


  • Aaron Haynes, Strategy Director, Vizeum @VizeumGlobal
    How IKEA became an Effectiveness Award winner by avoiding overlooking the role of humans in building meaningful relationships with customers.

  • Mèv Bertrand, Head of Creative Effectiveness, Neuro-Insight @neuro_insight
    Measuring the impact of music and sound.

  • Jason Spencer, Business Development Director, ITV @ITV
    How ITV is rebooting its brand and effectiveness measures.

  • Lorraine Rothwell, European Marketing Director, Baxters 
    Knowing how Baxters’ advertising is working.

  • Jon Webb, Managing Director, The Grain Theory @GrainTheory
    Strategies to measure effectiveness, not just efficiency.


Aaron Haynes, Strategy Director, Vizeum @VizeumGlobal
Currently a brand strategist based in Vizeum’s London office, Aaron has contributed toward the story of many brands that has passed through their doors, including IKEA, Coca-Cola, Heinz, Honda, Weetabix, and MTV.
Aaron is one of the IKEA: The Wonderful Everyday paper authors, winning both Silver at the IPA Effectiveness Awards, and Gold at the 2018 Effies. An advocate for empirical brand planning and writer for industry publications, including WARC.

Mèv Bertrand, Head of Creative Effectiveness, Neuro-Insight @neuro_insight
Mèv is Head of Research at Neuro-Insight, a market research agency that uses neuro-science to deliver actionable insights, by measuring second by second brain responses to brand communication. Mèv has a background in Psychology; before joining Neuro-Insight she worked as a consultant for companies in North America and the UK in the areas of branding, media and qualitative research.