EffWeek presents: The Divided Brain

Private screening of the documentary that inspired the R&D for EffWeek 2019

Join us at the Curzon cinema in Soho for our private screening of the documentary film The Divided Brain – the research that inspired Orlando Wood's analysis of advertising styles in his book "Lemon".


Courtesy of our partnership with DCM, we present The Divided Brain.

The film explores a provocative scientific theory proposed by Dr Iain McGilchrist that the two halves of the brain each have a different take on the world. Orlando will explain how this revelatory thesis led him to trace changes in creative style and to link these to falling advertising effectiveness in Lemon, the new landmark publication from the IPA to  be launched at the EffWeek 2019 conference. 

The screening will be followed by a Q&A session between Orlando and Dr Iain McGilchrist (via the technological marvel that is video conferencing), where they will discuss the research, its implications and what we might do about the crisis in advertising creativity.


2.45: Registration

3.00: Welcome

3.05: Lemon: a re-cap

3.15: Screening

4.30: Q&A featuring Dr Iain McGilchrist 

5.00: Drinks and networking

6.00: Close

Quotes from previous screenings of The Divided Brain:

"The Divided Brain is a very powerful documentary that has not shied from including critical voices.  It conveys, with great clarity and conviction, the immeasurable dangers of the colonisation of the brain by the left-brain hemisphere."

- Sunil Kumar, PhD,  former dean, London School of Economics and Political Science.

“I’ve been fascinated and greatly influenced by Iain McGilchrist’s The Master and his Emissary, so I was delighted to see this excellent documentary about his work and ideas. The documentary is a superb introduction to Iain’s brilliant book. Thoroughly recommended viewing.”

- Peter Fudakowski - Producer of the Oscar-winning feature film TSOTSI

Please arrive promptly as the session will start at 3pm.

Tickets for this are free as part of EffWeek 2019

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