Harnessing Creative Tech and Data in Advertising

‘Collider’ workshop from the Design Informatics team at the University of Edinburgh in partnership with the Data Driven Innovation Programme, the IPA and DMA.

What do marketing campaigns look like in the data-driven context, how do we understand customer behaviour and psychology, and harness the interface with ‘things’ and location data?

This ‘Collider’ workshop from the team at Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh has been designed in partnership with the Data Driven Innovation Programme and IPA and DMA.  It will allow you to explore and learn how to use these new technologies with experts in the context of a practical advertising challenge. 

  • A ‘Collider’ starts with lightning talks from the Design Informatics team, who are experts in emerging creative tech and the use of data in the pull economy through the Internet of Things, Neuroscience, Natural Language Processing, Smart Contracts and Locative Media. Participants break out into smaller groups of around 5/6.  
  • A Challenge will be selected by each breakout group to develop an advertising campaign for a product or service or event. Each group will be supported in the creative process to develop a response to the challenge using the creative tech and data approaches outlined.
  • Ideas are prepared as a short sketch to be presented back to the participants of how the creative campaign interaction works.

The session is limited to 15 participants and is limited to 1-2 per agency on a first come basis. 

Last updated 21 January 2022