How to be Insightful

Join Dr Sam Knowles as he lays down the principles of a new model of insightful thinking.

Insight is the superpower that drives innovation - the trouble is, it's poorly understood.

Unlocking your innovation superpowers in the wake of coronavirus

At a time when we’ve never needed insight and innovation more, most people don’t know or have a model of how to be insightful. As the psychologist Daniel Kahneman said: “Thinking is to humans as swimming is to cats; they can do it, but they prefer not to”.

In this enlightening and inspiring talk - based on his new book of the same title - Dr Sam Knowles lays down the principles of a new model of insightful thinking to kick-start the 2020s’ innovation revolution.

Drawing on the philosophy and history, psychology and neuroscience of insight, he sets out a blueprint for more reliable, productive, insightful thinking in a world in need of a reassuring but directive hand on its shoulder.

About the speaker

Sam Knowles is a data storyteller. He is the founder of the consultancy Insight Agents, and the author of May 2020’s critically-acclaimed How To Be Insightful ( This is the sequel to 2018’s best-selling Narrative by Numbers (, with both books published by Routledge. A classicist with a doctorate in experimental psychology, Sam is a sought-after speaker and trainer, blogger, and podcaster, having co-founded the Small Data Forum podcast in 2016, which he co-hosts. He also chairs I-COM’s Data Storytelling Council.

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Last updated 21 January 2022