IPA Accelerator Event: Employee Incentives

Join Moore Kingston Smith as they explain how and why you should incentivise your employees

There is a proven link between employee engagement and performance - highly engaged individuals tend to be more productive and effective in their roles, and lower staff turnover contributes to increased productivity and profitability.

Research shows that the highest performing agencies all benefit from extremely high levels of employee engagement and cite this as one of the major drivers of success.

Join us for this session on employee incentives webinar where Francesca Robe, Director, Moore Kingston Smith, will explore how and why you should consider how you are incentivising your talent including:

Bonus scheme structures

  • What does an effective scheme look like?
  • How can you reward success with limited cash available?
  • What are the best non-cash options?

Equity incentives

  • Who should you consider for equity incentives?
  • When is the best time to issue equity incentives and what can they look like?

Francesca will be taking your questions during the event, however if you'd like to submit any in advance, please email the IPA events team

This session has been created for agencies on the IPA Accelerator scheme. 

Last updated 21 January 2022