Training Forum February

Freedom To Be Happy - The Business Case For Happiness

This session will recap the latest data and evidence that shows happier workforces are more productive, more creative and ultimately more profitable.

Emotions have been banned from the workplace and they have been labeled unprofessional; we have broken what it is to be human. The goal of the book "Freedom To Be Happy" by Matt Phelan is to reconnect the heart and brain within organisations. This book will help you see emotions such as happiness as data points equally as important as say revenue or productivity.

To tell this story, Matt Phelan will bring together philosophers, scientists and practitioners. He will use theory, data and case evidence to help you make a business case for happiness within your organisation. 

Matt Phelan

Matt Phelan was Co-founder of digital and data agency 4Ps Marketing. He sold and exited that business to focus his time and funds on building The Happiness Index which, today, collects data and insight from employees from over 90 countries. Matt is host of the Happiness and Humans podcast and also a founder of the Happiness and Humans Community.

Last updated 21 January 2022