Training Forum: How can we protect the Industry’s Brilliant Creative Minds?

How to safeguard your agencies creativity

This interactive session will run virtually on the 19 October from 10 - 11am. With the partners of Brilliant Creative Minds we'll review the behaviors that negatively impact creativity.

This session will explore:

How we can protect our people from the damaging, yet avoidable stress that harms their mental health and with it, their creative ability? Not just in the creative department but all our of solution-thinkers and idea-generators.

About Brilliant Creative Minds

We want the UK to be a beacon for brilliant creative minds. A diverse industry where people can freely develop their creative capability in an enriching work environment and use good stress to overcome obstacles and find solutions. By changing our behaviour we can change the behaviour of the marcomms industry. And in doing so, we will have each played our part in delivering better mental health in the workplace.

We believe Brilliant Creative needs every one of us to mind our personal conduct.
No one player has full control. But together we can protect employee well-being to promote precious creative ability.


Stephanie Drakes & Natalie Richards: Social & Local CIC Ltd: Founders & Funders
Social & Local is an award-winning, strategic communications agency. Uniquely, we are a Community Interest Company, using 50% of our profits to fund and resource projects that benefit our Community
With between us, over 60 years in advertising and communications agency settings, most recently, working with Public Sector and Charity clients on Social Value projects, we were concerned about the state of our industry and how it is struggling to maintain its corporate and employee wellbeing.
In 2010 they set up Social & Local with a view to investing profits from trading in addressing some of the big issues that are having negative impact.

Last updated 21 January 2022