IPA Training Forum: How to successfully present to different personalities

Ensure your presentations connect with different personalities

Great presentations are memorable, not only for the subject topic but also putting you in a position of opportunities. How great presenters do this is by connecting to the audience on an individual level.

In this session you will learn how to present so that you connect to different personalities in the room, giving your audience a memorable experience that will impact their decision-making. 

This session will cover:

  • Your natural style of influence 
  • The four styles of personality and how to format your story to them 
  • How to position yourself in the room as influential and approachable 


Alexandra Bond Burnett

“Emotions can be a blessing and a curse, my job is to guide leaders to make conscious choices about what they feel, and how they make others feel.”  

Alexandra Bond Burnett coaches top leaders to balance empathy with persuasion, to motivate, lead change and be regarded as transformational through the way they inspire others. In an age of ideas, it’s vital that influence is put into the right hands with the right ideas. 

As a speaker, performance and leadership coach, and podcast host Alexandra brings together a provocative combination of her qualifications in Theatre performance and psychology with her experience working in global corporate roles, and also entrepreneurship, having founded both a training company & digitally enabled accounting business  

Influence when done right is dazzling, creating essential results in business. 

  • Accreditited ICF Coach, trainer, mentor and consultant
  • 15 years experience
  • Leading contributor and writer on communication skills in accountancy
  • Ex Corporate finance professional and founder of an award-winning digital accounting practice
  • Speaker at Accountex, ICAEW, Charity Accountants Conference, Day Xero: Xerocon, Virtual Finance Summit and many more.


Last updated 11 August 2022