IPA Training Forum: Ten tips on sourcing Gen Z talent

How and where to find Gen Z talent

As Gen Z talent becomes an increasingly important part of future-proofing your business, as does the conversation around how and where to find them.

This session will explore:

In this talk, Sam Hornsby and Mae Yip chat through their 10 favorite ERIC strategies that their clients have found instantly and consistently useful. If you're struggling to access young talent this talk will show you what you need to do to solve that problem.

About ERIC:

The ERIC App provides on-demand career & self-development advice to 16-25 years old and connects them with companies they never knew existed. It's run with four principles in mind - equality, relevance, representation & accessibility.
ERIC was started in late 2016 by long-time friends Mae and Sam. Their own failure to break into the creative industries and the realisation that careers advice was in desperate need of modernising led them to create ERIC.


Sam is Co-Founder of ERIC. Sam skipped university to work in the startup world. Sam is obsessed with 'entertainment-first' education (why can't learning be fun, right?) and is a big advocate for the 4-day work-week.

Mae is Co-Founder of ERIC. A chartered accountant who graduated from Newcastle University and worked at PWC, Mae feels incredibly passionate about diversity in the workplace and wants allocated time for mindfulness to be a staple in every office.

Last updated 21 January 2022