Training Forum: The Truth About Confidence

This session will run virtually on Wednesday 17 November, and re-frames our notions of 'confidence' and how to access it.

Are you low on confidence? Is it holding you back? What could you really achieve and who could you be if only you had the confidence?

This session will explore:

How a lack of confidence is probable affecting your life in some way or another. And if so, you probably see someone else who seems to have it and think, ‘wow, I wish I could be more like them’? The truth is: you can. That confidence you want is completely possible. But it won’t just appear, ready made in your lap. You have to go out and get it.‘The Truth About Confidence’ completely re-frames what confidence is, and where it comes from. By looking at confidence in a new way, it’s easy to see that you could start getting it right here, right now. Need more confidence? It’s right there for you. And that’s the truth.

This session will cover: 

  • What it feels like to have confidence, and to not
  • What confidence is, and where it really comes from
  • How to find new ways of building confidence in your life

Your Tutor:

Sam is a coach, speaker and consultant who helps people to live and work fearlessly. He draws on his background in adland (Mother, adam&eveDDB, Havas) and improvisation (as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Sell Out Choose Your Own… Improv!) to support people as they redefine what is possible for them. He truly believes that a better, more purposeful working world is possible, and that the happiness of people and success of businesses are completely linked.

Last updated 21 January 2022