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In this workshop, Matt Hill will be drawing from Thinkbox’s new free training course TV Masters for a live session on The Future of TV.

Mastering the world of TV advertising – with Thinkbox

From shifts in audience behaviour and the launch of new streaming services, to the rapid advances in technology that are opening up new opportunities for advertisers and viewers alike, the world of TV is constantly in motion.

Thinkbox recently launched TV Masters, a free and IPA CPD hours eligible  online training course designed to educate the advertising industry in this transforming medium and encourage better understanding of what TV can deliver for brands.

In this live TV Masters taster session, Head Instructor (and Thinkbox’s Research & Planning Director) Matt Hill will take you through the latest insights on TV viewing and advertising. You’ll discover how the UK video landscape is changing, what impact streaming has had on viewing, how TV advertising’s role in the video world is evolving, and what the future holds in TV’s tech-driven future.

Plus you’ll get the lowdown on TV Masters – who it’s for, how it works, what the first 727 graduates think of it, and the benefits this comprehensive course offers for advertising practitioners at every level.

Matt Hill, Research and Planning Director, Thinkbox and Head Instructor, TV Masters

Matt has been leading the Research and Planning team at Thinkbox since 2015. Prior to joining, he worked at Channel 5, heading up their Planning and Insight team and representing the broadcaster at the BARB board. He also had roles at Virgin Media and Attentional.

Chris Dunne, Head of Marketing, Thinkbox

Chris has spent the last 15 years marketing media brands. Before joining Thinkbox in 2017, Chris headed up consumer marketing at Metro newspaper. Prior to that, he spent seven years in commercial radio, leading multiple brands at Guardian Media Group and launching Smooth Radio at Global.

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Last updated 21 January 2022