IPA Training Forum: Turning uncertainty into opportunity

How to harness uncertainty to your advantage

Burnout is at an all-time high, resilience is at an all-time low, and our intolerance for uncertainty is at the heart of it all. But uncertainty can be a great motivator, we just need to know how to use it and the Uncertainty Experts can show you how.

The session will explore:

Join a unique taster presented by Uncertainty Experts creator, award-winning social entrepreneur, agency founder and creative disruptor Sam Conniff. This talk is both an insight into how revolutionary ideas can be borne from uncertainty, and key insights, results and takeaways from the Uncertainty Experts experiment itself. 

This is how you motivate a team to find new levels of resilience across multiple time zones.

Nick Hampton CEO, Tate & Lyle


This is perfect for businesses, agencies and teams dealing with challenges such as; restructure, rapid growth or simply dealing with the day-to-day challenges of changing work patterns and impact of the pandemic.

Your Speaker:

Sam Conniff is an award-winning social entrepreneur, Ex CEO, Founder of several businesses and author of Be More Pirate, called a ‘modern day life bible of professional rule breaking’. Sam has worked for governments, global brands and NGOs advising on innovation, change and culture. Sam's experience as a mentor and a public speaker guides the audience's reflections and narrates their journey.

Last updated 09 June 2022