IPA Training Forum: Upskilling for data science and AI in advertising

The value of data and AI in advertising

This webinar will explore the value of data and AI in advertising and how organisations can upskill their workforce to capitalise on this value.

Upskilling for data science and AI in advertising

Data Science and AI have the potential to unlock business value and increased revenues for advertising organisations. To take advantage of this, organisations need to build their data and AI capability. 

Why: The Opportunity

  • Value to business
  • Case study: Data in advertising

What: The Roles

  • What are the roles?
  • What do they do?
  • How does they align to business value generation?
  • What apprenticeships programme are available for each?

How: Data & AI Apprenticeships Pathways

  • How apprenticeships address the skills gap
  • Data roles and progression pathways

When: Next Steps

  • Enrolment dates


Dr Raoul-Gabriel Urma is the CEO and founder of Cambridge Spark. Its mission is to empower organisations to achieve business goals by educating their current and future workforce in Data Science and AI.

Raoul has advised and worked for several organisations on large-scale software engineering projects including at Google, Oracle and eBay. He is author of several programming books which have sold over 50,000 copies globally.  Raoul is an Industrial Fellow at the University of Cambridge Computer Lab and holds a PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University, as well as a MEng in Computer Science from Imperial College London. 

Last updated 20 April 2022