Lemon and the culture of empathy in the pandemic

New learnings for advertising today

Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer at System1, and author of IPA publication Lemon, will be presenting his latest research on advertising in the time of COVID-19, referenced in his recent essay for the B2B Institute at LinkedIn.

Orlando made the point in his ground-breaking book that left-brained thinking had taken over business and popular culture, leading to creative today that is less effective than it once was. 

Has the pandemic sweeping the globe changed this? Are we seeing greater empathy in advertising today?

Join Orlando for this webinar to hear him explore through new analysis:

  • Whether a mental shift has occurred 
  • Whether brands can continue to use work from before the crisis
  • What type of ads are connecting well and less well today
  • How new tactical COVID-19 ads are performing

He will also be joined by Kate Waters, Director of Client Strategy and Planning, ITV, to discuss and dissect these invaluable insights.

Please note that a link to join the webinar will be sent via email to all registrants closer to the event.

Last updated 21 January 2022