Making Sense: The Commercial Media Landscape

The evolution of the commercial media landscape of Great Britain over the last 15 years.

Simon Frazier, Senior Research and Marketing Manager, IPA, will be launching the third edition of the IPA's Making Sense publication (to be released on 9 February), demonstrating the many ways the commercial media landscape has evolved since 2005, before delving into the implications of this on the advertising industry.

2020 has been a landmark year for research, with many established research methodologies forced to pause as a result of the pandemic.

The IPA were two thirds of the way through the annual TouchPoints research period when lockdown started – prompting concerns over whether the data collected pre-lockdown no longer represent the world we live in. However, what is has instead provided is complete portrait of British adults – and a unique opportunity to analyse media consumption.

In this webinar, we'll be exploring:

  • the growth and decline trajectories of commercial media channels in 2020 through the pre-lockdown data
  • how quickly established patterns and behaviours changed under lockdown
  • where brands should focus their research, attention and effort to continue to thrive post COVID-19

Simon will then be joined by Sarah Gale, Director of Research and Insight, Global, and Claire Linford, Insight Associate Director, OMD to discuss and dissect the findings of the research. 

The media landscape has never been more crowded and complex than it is today - so make sure you join us to learn the most effective ways to navigate it.

Last updated 21 January 2022