Rare: Coronavirus Consumer Tracking

This week's special focus is on families and how they are feeling during this pandemic.

Rare Consulting are interested in people's emotions, social behaviours, sense of community, and relationship with brands.

Each week, they interview over 1500 people in the UK to understand how the Coronavirus Pandemic has changed their attitudes and behaviours, and what new forms of behaviour we might observe both during and post lockdown.

In this session we will share insights from our consumer tracker, brand reputation tracker and consumer community research to bring you some of the latest trends to be aware of. We will also summarise the latest findings across key categories, including Travel, Grocery, Entertainment, Home Management and DIY, Retail Shopping, Beauty, Exercise and Alcohol.

This webinar will have a special focus this week on families, and how they are feeling during this pandemic.

The research will be presented by Ben Pask, MD, Rare: Consulting

Last updated 21 January 2022