Re-imagining Account Handling

Hall and Partners, in partnership with the IPA client relationship group, present the findings of new research that identifies strategies that will renew the strength of the agency and client relationship.

Do clients really think account handlers are surplus to requirements? Won’t there always be a place for great client service?

Suits. Maybe they just don’t fit anymore?

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that in order to survive and prosper we need to change. And we need to change fast. With the next 12 months being as uncertain as the last 3 the role of the account handler is under more scrutiny than ever.

It is beyond doubt that strong client relationships lead to better work and more growth, but what does the account handler of the future look like?

What immediate actions do agencies need to do to ensure their account handlers are future fit? How do we as an industry need to come together to lead the charge on being clients’ business partners, and what training and development do we as individuals need to ensure we have the most valuable skills.

Hall and Partners, in partnership with the IPA, present the findings of new research conducted amongst over 30 senior marketing clients, industry leaders in client service and procurement that not only identifies key strategies for change but gives tangible and practical advice on how we move forward.


4pm: Introduction

4.05pm: Presentation - Imogen Uffindell-Birt, Strategy Director, Hall and Partners

4.30pm: Discussion/ Audience Q&A

4.55pm: Closing remarks

Last updated 21 January 2022