44 Club: "SEXY: The Psychology of the Objectified Woman" - Caryn Franklin MBE

A provocative and challenging talk targeting imagery as a powerful influencer of gender behaviour

The IPA are excited to be joined by Caryn Franklin MBE for the next 44 Club event.

Professor Caryn Franklin MBE MSc (Psyche) will deliver a provocative and challenging talk targeting imagery as a powerful, often dysfunctional influencer of gender behaviour where the appearance of femininity, normalised across a variety of presentations: passive and perfected; pouty and posturing; underdressed or physically incomplete as body parts, sets the standard for both male and female audiences.

Her talk will draw on her own experience after 40 years in the fashion industry, along with research conducted into ‘Selfhood’ – the state of having an individual identity.

Caryn Franklin MBE
Caryn Franklin MBE

Franklin will break her talk up into four distinct sections:

  • The impact of mass media culture
  • Accountability of those in power
  • Standing up against the issues and people that are preventing change – also reviewing projects that delve into the way femininity is manipulated
  • The psychology of bias, selfhood and objectification

Expect controversy and to have your views challenged!

Tickets cost £75 for members (£150 for non-members) and are non-refundable from two weeks prior to the event. Guest name changes will be permitted. 

Caryn Franklin MBE

Franklin positions herself as a Disruptive Fashion Lover and a seeker of clarity.

A former fashion editor and co-editor of i-D Magazine and prime-time BBC TV presenter, Caryn Franklin MBE is a multi-platform broadcaster, fashion and identity commentator and activist. In nearly four decades of practice Caryn has explored the politics of image and self-esteem through commercial, educational and activist positions. Projects have involved international design names and everyday users of fashion as well as refugees in battle zones, workers in free-trade-zone slums, mental health and body image experts, MP's and Government. She has written for numerous magazines, newspapers and websites, produced 4 books, authored many TV shows and documentaries on fashion as well as co-created groundbreaking campaigns such Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and the multi award winning All Walks Beyond the Catwalk. Caryn has an MSc in applied psychology, and is a visiting lecturer and research fellow as well as Professor of Diversity at Kingston School of Art.

Last updated 21 January 2022