Stepping into the Spotlight: The Growth Mindset

A session with Lydia Amoah, an award-winning business coach and one of Britain’s leading authorities on inclusion, diversity and equity

Now in its fourth year, the IPA Stepping into the Spotlight series offers mid to senior level adlanders an array of tools and strategies to help turbo boost your skills and confidence, and in turn transform your belief in yourself and motivate you to take your career to the next level.

For the next four Stepping into the Spotlight sessions we have partnered with Lydia Amoah - award-winning business coach, author of the Black Pound Report and one of Britain’s leading authorities on inclusion, diversity and equity.

Lydia’s first session will help you understand how to develop a growth mindset and crucially how to recognise when you slip back (as we all do) to the shackles of a fixed mindset.

It’s hard work, but individuals can gain a lot by deepening their understanding of growth-mindset concepts and the processes for putting them into practice. 

Benefits of a growth mindset:

  • Higher motivation
  • Enhanced brain development
  • Lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Better work relationships
  • Higher performance levels

The growth mindset session will provide you with:

  • A more active and responsive approach to your feedback – both that which you give yourself and that which you actively seek from others – and using that feedback to reflect and grow
  • The ability to recognise and act on the triggers that drag you back into a fixed mindset
  • The confidence to stretch yourself to pursue exciting development opportunities that may be out of your comfort zone
  • Understand your inner psychology and know how to negotiate with yourself
  • Tips and tricks so you feel a richer sense of who you are and how you want to move forward

About Lydia Amoah

Lydia Amoah FRSA is recognised as Britain’s leading authority on inclusion, diversity and equity. An award-winning Business Coach, TV presenter and Campaigner who has helped over fifty thousand people transform their lives and improved many businesses.

Lydia is the architect of the Creative Industries Multicultural Leadership Programme, Accelerate, aimed at upskilling the next generation of CEO’s in partnership with Creative Equals. Her clients have included the Ofcom, P&G, BBC, NFL, Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, Channel 4, Bank of Ireland, EY and the NHS. She is well known on the speaking circuit as a keynote speaker and frequently appears in other media.

Lydia is also a researcher. She pioneered and authored The Black Pound Report, which explores the spending power of the Black, Asian and MultiEthnic consumers and how these communities are underrepresented in our current advertising landscape. Lydia has also created the STOPIT Protocol, a new policy to protect employees from online racism and hate crimes.

Lydia is also a Patron for Show Racism The Red Card and the UN associated TOGETHERBAND.

Last updated 13 September 2021